Data logging, alerting, reporting and collaboration

Who is Ikologik?

Ikologik is a reliable partner for process monitoring in the industry. In-house developed software for visualisation, reporting and smart analysing of different process data is used to continuously display the performance of your production systems.

Data in the cloud

Your process data will always be available using the Ikologik cloud platform.


Your data are protected by the best possible security in the Cloud, without the need for backups.


The generated KPI reports enable you to optimise your processes and save you significant amounts of time.


Analysis software: an essential weapon

The best possible production process with the lowest possible operational costs: this is the intense wish of each production manager in the manufacturing sector. Rational management of energy and water consumption and a range of other parameters is paramount in this respect.

Ikologik seamlessly addresses this need with an industrial Cloud platform for datalogging, monitoring and reporting. Since the launch in 2015, we have focussed fully on the development of intelligent software. This allows us to receive, store and process all kinds of process data. Production managers are provided with a thorough overview of all processes each day. A smart analysis of these data leads to the preparation of detailed reports that enable our clients to quickly identify deviations and, if necessary, take immediate action. 

Machines in perfect condition

Ikologik Industrial Cloud also offers interesting possibilities to machine builders that want to offer aftersale services to create a sensitive added value for their clients. The software is highly suitable to accurately track the performance of machines and proactively address any maintenance needs.

The client can automatically receive a warning when values approach certain parameters to ensure the machine builder can timely schedule an intervention and the continuity of the production process is never threatened. The tool also offers all options needed for the best possible financial management (detailed cost calculation based on actual measurements), to retrieve documentation (construction plans, certificates, manuals), and to easily order exchangeable parts from the webshop.

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Mission & Vision

We offer intelligent IIoT software solutions to our clients. By using our solution our clients will be able to save money with regard to the maintenance of their installations as well as on the quantity of the used natural resources. These savings will allow them to work cost-efficiently. In today's world, it's imperative for companies to make use of natural resources in the most efficient way possible.