Perfect management of solar energy


Enervest is focussed on the development and management of solar panel installations in Europe. The company managed over 200 MWp in solar panels. The company, located in Ghent, works on both new and existing projects (redevelopment and acquisition of operational industrial solar energy projects). Enervest also takes care of asset and energy management for its customers.


Its large project portfolio made Enervest realise that the proper online monitoring of different parameters was essential for the best possible operational flow. This is why the management decided to rely on the Ikologik Industrial Cloud. This enables them, for example, to compare the production data of the solar panels with the effective local use and power injections into the grid.


The platforms can load data very quickly. This enables the administrators to analyse the local use. If it is too low compared to the expectations in the business plan, the platform automatically generates an alert.

Ikologik Industrial Cloud also offers an added value to asset management. The asset manager has sound insight into and a complete overview of all installations thanks to all data. The dashboard function ensures that he can compare the results of the different sites at a glance. He can quickly take action or schedule other optimisations based on this information.