Eurowater - Mouterij Dingemans

Helicopter View of Water Treatment 


Mouterij Dingemans is an authentic family business in Stabroek, Belgium. They have specialised in the production of quality malt for five generations. The company was founded in 1875 and thanks to targeted investments, has grown to be an important presence on the market. The company's main focus has always been pilsner malt, though they also produce various specialty malts. For the last twenty years Mouterij Dingemans has also employed its own water treatment system.


When their production capacity increased significantly, the water treatment system needed to be scaled up to match. One of the things this system does to purify groundwater and turn it into clean, usable process water is to remove the iron and manganese. Process water is particularly essential for the cleaning of the equipment and in steam production. The malting plant entrusted their treatment system's expansion to Eurowater from Eke, the same company that performed the original installation. The customer also wanted an effective monitoring system to be able to check that everything was continuing to function as it should.


Eurowater did not hesitate to opt for a monitoring system from Ikologik. "We had gained experience with Ikologik's system in previous projects and were convinced of their solution's added value", attests Tom Vanlerberghe, Eurowater's manager. "The proactive reporting system facilitates continuous, smooth data transmission. Collecting all the data on a central platform makes it possible to track each parameter in real time and quickly draw the appropriate conclusions."

As the customer wishes to be free to concentrate on their own core business, Eurowater monitors their water treatment system for them. "Our expertise puts us in a good position to accurately interpret all the signals. We remain aware of any developments and keep the customer informed of these trends. We can also perform rapid interventions if necessary."

Mouterij Dingemans has currently relied on the Ikologik monitoring system for several years. "This is another customer that has benefited greatly from this technology; to optimise the usage for instance. Thanks to the Ikologik solution, they can take peaks in water consumption into account. Additionally, all the pump groups are firmly under control and the supplies of water in the buffer tanks are always sufficient."