Pall Water


Pall Water

Data monitoring increases service level


Pall Corporation is a global leading company in highly technical filtration, separation and cleaning techniques. The company is part of the Hach group and offers the industrial market an extensive range of filtration systems, including cartridge filtration, ultra and micro filtration, reversed osmosis and mobile solutions. Pall uses advanced membrane technologies for both municipal and industrial end users.


Pall uses a lot of measurement and control equipments to measure and analyse parameters such as temperature, (membrane) pressure, flow, permeability and conductivity. "We lost a lot of time collecting these data using the PLCs and translating these into the right insights", says Sasha Mohn, aftersales & service manager at Pall Water EMEA. "Downloading data and connecting to the Internet were sometimes very troublesome. This is why we started looking for a better reporting solution. We decided to work with Ikologik after an extensive market study."


Both companies decided to start testing a number of ultra filtration units. This approach enabled them to determine how the software would respond to different installations and differing water qualities. "We were happy to conclude that the open architecture of Ikologik Industrial Cloud offers possibilities for a range of connections", continues Sasha Mohn.

The continuous logging of and follow-up on data enables early warning of operators in case of certain deviations or inefficiencies, which in turn allows for quick adjustments. The system also takes the needs of Industry 4.0 into account, which makes it very suitable for companies that do not want to miss out on the Internet of Things trend.

​"Continuous reporting of all relevant parameters leads to less energy use and less loss of water", analyses Sasha Mohn. "We also need less chemicals and experience less unforeseen shutdowns or other issues. The membranes also last longer. The right interpretation of process data continuously optimises the installation. Our customers appreciate that we can increase our service level thanks to this precise data monitoring."