05/03/2020 - Indumation Network Event


INE 2020 is the 4th edition of this VIP network event on automation, optimization, innovation and digitization. During this high-end network event of just one afternoon and evening, 135 technology partners welcome more than 1500 strategic decision-makers on a major techno-innovation tour. The honours are observed by the management of the technology partners themselves. They are open to enriching and exploratory discussions with decision-makers who are faced with a number of decisive choices regarding innovation and automation. The management of these technology companies, therefore, takes the time to brainstorm with the management of industrial companies about the challenges, benchmarks, opportunities and costs that an innovation or automation project entails. All this is done in a cosy and casual lounge atmosphere, accompanied by a snack and a drink.

Info: https://www.networkevent.be/ine/nl

Date: March 5, 2020

Parking & Catering: Free

Address: Brabantlaan 1, 3001 Leuven